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Annette Brownlee RN, BSN

20 Years of Professional Writing Experience  –  Specializing in Health & Medical Content

Quality Original Health & Medical Content

Email Marketing

Your email list is your most valuable assest. From opt-in offers to follow up emails to weekly broadcast messages, your emails connect you to your ideal client. They are the backbone of your business.

Articles & Blog Posts

Consistent fresh content keeps your subscribers coming back to your site. More importantly, it helps drive website traffic and improve your search ranking – so your ideal clients can find you. 

Coaching Materials, White Papers, Courses & More

A consistent brand voice is essential for success with your audience. Delivering professional educatioal materials including worksheets, course materials, checklists, and ebooks helps you build a powerful reputation as a healthcare provider, coach, or source of information. 

My Services

Opt-In Offers - Capture Leads, Build Your List

Email Marketing - Stay Connected to Your Audience

Blog Posts - Educate, Entertain & Provide Consistent Value

Educational Materials - Help Your Audience Grow, Learn, and Thrive

Content Planning - Create a Cohesive Message that Generates Income