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I’m currently working on updating my samples page. If there’s something specific you would like to see or discuss, please contact me via email at or 303-834-7670. I will respond in one business day.

Client Ebook – Leptin

This client, a health coach, was looking for a lead generation tool to help him establish credibility, authority, and to increase sales. The book was on the topic of Leptin, a hunger hormone. I worked as a ghostwriter on this book and the first chapter is attached.

Leptin book

Client ECourse – SMART Habits

I worked with this client to create a large volume of online courses, ebooks, and email messages. Attached is one of the Lessons ghostwritten for this client.


Copyeditor/Project Manager

The objective for this book was to create a collection of stem cell success stories. Physicians either provided the content for their chapter and I edited it, or case studies were collected via interview and written from the material provided.

Product Review –¬†Lipotropic Injections

Client was seeking a review for a product he was affiliated with. It required a healthy amount of research as I was not familiar with this process. Client was happy with the review.

Product review