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Hi there!

I hope life isn’t getting too weird for you. This whole week has been surreal. I’ve gone through a range of emotions from fury to hope and everything in between. I’m sure that these emotions, thoughts, and experiences will continue to evolve as we make our way through this pandemic.

To keep things in perspective a bit, I have a patient who has lived through 3 pandemics! One of them left him a paraplegic but he’s lived an amazing life. So while this may be new to many of us, it’s certainly not a new experience for everyone. 

Here’s something to think about…your prospects and clients may have a bit more time on their hands for the next few weeks. It’s a terrific time for you to engage them and to provide them with valuable content. It may not be a good time to sell to them because they’re worried about finances, but you can build that relationship so that in the future when things are better, you’ll have that foundation.

Let’s get on with the content ideas!!!


Oral Hygiene – In the primal world, we don’t spend much time talking about dental health but there are many reasons why good oral hygiene means good health. Check out this study at Colorado State University –


Eating Veggies May Not Be Enough – Dr Mark Hyman shares the reasons why our veggies aren’t as nutritious as they used to be in this article – You might write an article or a series about how your audience can get the nutrients that they need. For example, the benefits of a CSA or how to find regenerative farming producers in your community. Or you might talk about taking supplements. The choice is yours, what does your audience want to know?


How About Fertility and PMS? – Sperm counts are dropping, PMS is getting worse, and women are not only starting menstruation years earlier than their grandmothers, they’re dealing with more and more fertility issues. Why? What’s going on and what can be done about it? Talking about better nutrition for fertility or offering solutions, without making people feel blamed, is a huge topic. Dive in!


And of course we’re still up to our eyebrows in fear, overwhelm, and anxiety over Covid19. Anything you can do to help your audience feel more in control over their health and this situation will likely be well received.


Have a terrific, and healthy, week!