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It’s Sunday and time to sit down and plan your content for the week. Ideally, you have a structure in motion and are able to create content for all areas to build your Primal Health Coaching Business. If you’re struggling to create structure, check out the introduction to my online blog course “Creating a Content Plan for your Primal Health Coaching Business.”

Each week I’ll add a new lesson so you can build that solid content foundation that supports growing your business and doing what you love.


This week, I think it’s time to really dial in your content topics. Instead of broad “how to reduce stress” or “How to eat healthier” types of content, I think the world in general needs a bit of hand holding. So if you write a post on how to reduce stress, you might focus on one particular method of stress reduction and show your audience how to navigate that. For example, you might write a “5 steps to creating a bedtime meditation practice to reduce Covid-19 Stress and Improve Health.”


I’m just winging it there with that headline but you get the idea. Get really specific with your content. 


So…helpful topics this week for your audience:


  1. Sleep
  2. Stress
  3. Healthy (budget friendly) recipes
  4. Making your nutrition dollar stretch
  5. Bodyweight workouts to do at home
  6. How to create a healthful structure in your quarantine day
  7. Self care rituals that don’t cost anything (or less than $5) depending on your audience.
  8. Outdoor workouts that people can do in their neighborhood
  9. Health Priorities during this time – what’s most important to focus on? For example, maybe we stop counting macros during this time but do focus on making sure we’re getting 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables. 
  10. Any supportive, helpful, and kind tips you can offer – people are really struggling and there’s no right or wrong way for any of us to navigate this pandemic. All the feelings and reactions are valid. Encourage kindness to one another and to ourselves. Share a story, share images from the week that demonstrate kindness. Be a beacon.