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Primal Health Coaching Content Ideas for April 20-27

Are you feeling it? There seems to be an energy shift going on right now. People are starting to get off the couch, turn off the TV, and take decisive action. They’re moving more, eating healthier, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (which may be a long way away, but hope is a powerful thing).

It feels like the perfect time to start, if you haven’t already, really cranking out the content and creating awareness and excitement for Primal. Here are some content ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

#1 Educate Them! 

People have soome extra time on their hands right now and they’re starting to look for ways to better themselves. Consider giving your audience:

  • Book review – what are you reading now? 
  • List of books to read right now about health and wellness and primal!
  • Documentaries about health and wellness to watch right now. 
  • Podcasts to listen to.

#2 Running

Running outside is something that has never been easier. I ran down the middle of the street in my town the other day. This is something that would have been impossible a month ago and hopefull will be again soon. With gyms closed and homes feeling a bit claustrophobic, getting otuside for a run is more appealing. Talk about:

  • Is now the time to start running?
  • How to start if you’ve never really run before.
  • Proper running form
  • Primal running plan

#3 Gut Health

Stress, sugar, alcohol, and PUFAs in junk foods all impact digestive health and most everyone has likely seen an increase in these ingredients in their life. Consider:

  • Talking about signs of an unhealthy gut
  • How to make your favorite fermented food (like kimchi)
  • Tips for cutting back on sugar, alcohol, stress or PUFAs. (just tackle one of these, not all of them – keep it focused).
  • Your favorite gut health tips
  • How primal improves gut health

I would also add that if you have any information products right now, start sharing snippets of them and use those snippets to sell your products. If you don’t have any information products, free reports, etc… consider creating one today. You can give it away or sell it to grow your audience and your profits. And if you need help planning or writing the content, Reach Out! 

****As we navigate this frightening time, I am even more convinced that the country needs to really start taking measures to improve their metabolic health – the  Primal health coach and your practice can make a significant impact on the health and lives of others. Start creating yoru content plan, get out in front of your audience, and make a difference!****