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Have you listened to the Health Coach Radio podcast with Dr Cate Shanahan? It’s amazing and really reinvigorated my passion for Primal Coaching. I just love Dr Shanahan and her book Deep Nutrition is always within reach. You can listen to the podcast via most any podcasting service, here’s the link for Apple users:


This podcast is a perfect reason why it’s so important for Primal Health Coaches to continue learning and tapping into their resources –  the content ideas and information provides you with an abundance to share, teach, and communicate to others. 


We’re fortunate in that being part of the Primal Health Coaching community, we do have access to continuous information and resources, the foundation of passion and support is unprecedented. 


Okay, let’s move forward with some content ideas for you to share over the next week or two:


Sleep! – Right now I would venture to say that the majority of the world is struggling to get good quality sleep. And yet, to have a healthy immune system, to stay mentally healthy, and to be able to prioritize and make smart decisions, we need sleep. This week you could focus on helping your readers improve their sleep with Covid focused tips. Now of course these tips are relevant all of the time but they’re particularly helpful right now. For example, not drinking alcohol will improve sleep, not eating 3-4 hours before bedtime improves sleep, meditation improves sleep too. You get the idea. 

Fight or Flight – let’s be real and say that we’re in a life or death battle right now, and this type of fight or flight stress changes our brain. It’s why we cannot focus, why it feels nearly impossible to goal set or to be disciplined, and why we’re craving sugar and junky foods right now. Share with your audience, what’s going on in their brain right now and how they can become more aware of their decisions and thus perhaps make better ones during this strange time.


How to create a flexible daily health plan – for most people, right now isn’t the time to set big weight loss or lifestyle change goals. Instead, it’s more reasonable to create a daily plan that allows for some flexibility. But what does that look like if we’re still striving to maintain and improve health? Talk to your audience about steps they can take to create a realistic plan – and don’t forget to offer your services (maybe even a free consult to new prospects) to help them through this time.


Hope & Happiness – Lastly, I really feel like it’s important to stay hopeful and inspired. I encourage you to share hopeful messages or inspiring images to your audience. 

You can also refer back to the past few weeks of content ideas. Use this weekend to create content for the upcoming weeks. Give yourself a buffer so you can also take time to take care of yourself. 

March 22-28 

March 29-April 5 

April 6-11

To your most amazing success and continued good health!