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Did you know that you can strengthen your senses? 

 It’s true, there are exercises that you can do regularly to improve your hearing, vision, taste, and sense of smell. Why bother strengthening these senses?

 Well, you might remember that a loss of taste and smell is a symptom of COVID. Turns out that both a loss of hearing and vision may impact a person’s potential to develop dementia and that a loss of taste and smell are also signs of dementia.

 As you are brainstorming and planning your content, consider whether strengthening the senses is something that benefits your audience. Would they value that information? 

 Here are some other content ideas to consider:


1. The downside of social isolation and how to manage it

2. __ Things you can do today to boost your immune system

3. __ Ways to connect with others during quarantine

4. The best way to shower to improve health (and weight loss) (Scottish Shower)

5. Healthy ice cream recipes (keto ice cream)

6. Can you eat fruit? (talk about carbs, nutrients, recipes, etc)

7. How to re-ignite your motivation for health and weight loss (talk about losing momentum with weight loss and how to get it back.)


More Content Ideas…


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