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Are you exhausted? Are your clients exhausted? 

If there’s one recurring theme that I’m hearing from my clients, it’s that they’re more than tired, they’ve been overwhelmed and anxious for months, and now they’re exhausted. It makes sense, there’s a tremendous amount going on in the world today and we’re all mastering the art of pivoting as the world continues to change around us at breakneck pace. If we’re trying to maintain some sense of a normal life and constantly manage our emotions and continue to adapt, it leaves us feeling…exhausted. 

As you look to plan content for the upcoming month and anticipate your target client’s needs, consider how they’re feeling as they transition into the next season. Help address their problems and tap into the emotions they’re not only experiencing but the ones that they want to experience. For example, your overworked and exhausted potential client may want to feel balanced, calm, energetic, hopeful, and in control. 

Primal Coaching Content Fuel

On the topic of Exhaustion:

  • Simple steps to overcome overwhelm 
  • 5 minutes to more energy
  • Mindfulness moments to feel energized, balanced, and calm
  • Calming practices
  • How being exhausted impacts your mindset and decisions (and what to do about it)

Fun National Day Content Fuel:

  • August 15th is National Relaxation Day – help your audience celebrate with ideas on how to relax
  • August 18th is National Fajita Day – Share a healthy fajita recipe
  • August 19th is National Potato Day – Share a healthy potato recipe – try something fun like purpose potatoes or sweet potatoes if you’re strictly paleo/primal

On the Topic of Working from Home:

I’ve noticed that my hips have gotten tight as I transitioned from a job where I stood all day to one where I’m sitting most of the day. I imagine I”m not alone with this. Consider addressing this issue with your prospective clients:

  • Core strengthening exercises
  • How to improve your posture with one simple movement
  • Mindfulness for better posture
  • Daily stretching routine
  • Movements for a stronger posterior chain



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