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Primal Coaching Content Fuel – May 4-May11

It’s MAY!!!!!


I hope you’re doing well and that your weather is warm and sunny. DId you know that among many other titles, May is also Food Allergy Action Month and Arthritis Awareness and Celiac Disease Awareness month. (


As a Primal Health Coach and a consumer of all things functional medicine, you already know that food allergies, arthritis, and Celiac are related. You KNOW this and you teach it to your clients every day when you talk about food swaps and what foods to get out of their diets. Primal and Paleo are the top recommended nutrition approaches when dealing with food allergies, inflammation, and digestive health. 


And this, my friends, leads us to perfect content fuel.

1. Food allergies. 

    • How do they present?
    • How are they treated in traditional medicine?
    • What steps can someone take to identify their food allergies?
    • Benefits of identifying food allergies.
    • Steps to get inflammatory foods out of your diet
    • Common foods that people are allergic/sensitive to.

2. Arthritis

      • Common types of arthritis
      • What causes arthritis?
      • The health problems with most arthritis treatments (NSAIDS, Prescription pain meds)
      • How foods can cause/worsen arthritis symptoms
      • How to do an elimination diet for arthritis
      • Steps to get inflammatory foods out of your diet.

    3. Celiac

        • What is celiac? What is gluten sensitivity?
        • How to do a gluten elimination diet.
        • Gluten and leaky gut
        • Signs you have gluten issues. 
        • Recipes for amazing gluten free foods.

      4. A Slowed Down Life

      One of the underlying themes of Primal is to slow life down, right? It’s about balance, stress management, making time for play and so on. Right now I feel like many people are really embracing and appreciating a slowed down life. BUT we’re lifting stay at home orders across the country. Help your clients and audience maintain the quality of a slowed down life. Talk to them about simple things they can do each day like not tuning into social media or limiting it to 10 minutes a day. Like starting their morning with movement and reflection. Give them tools to continue to live in a more relaxed way.

      I also really feel like we, as Primal Health Coaches, need to continue educating on metabolic health and immune health. Covid isn’t going anywhere and we, as coaches, have the unique ability to help our clients and followers make changes that can protect them and those they love. 


      To your amazing health and success!