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Welcome to August. I don’t know about you but I keep waiting for things to feel better, and somehow time milestones always instill some hope for me. So now the days are getting shorter and we’re starting that progression toward the fall.  I love the fall for the color change, comfort foods, and getting to wear jeans again! 

 For coaches, the fall means cooler weather, comfort food, immunity boosting, and getting ready for the holiday season and the New Year.

 Yes, we have several months before we start promoting New Year’s health goals, however the time to start planning and preparing is now. 

 And of course we’re still dealing with, and will continue to deal with COVID. 

 Coaching Responsibility

As health coaches, I feel that it’s our responsibility to continue to get out the message about immunity and lifestyle as it relates to COVID prevention. I know that your audience may be tired of hearing about it, but it’s on you to get creative and to support them to stay healthy.

 And this, my friends, leads us to perfect content fuel

 #1 Immunity Boosting Vegetables – The best veggies to boost immune system and perhaps a recipe or two.

#2 Top Immunity Boosting Nutrients – What key nutrients help support a strong immune system and tips to get those nutrients into your daily routine.

#3 Priorities for Immune Support – What should your clients/readers focus on when trying to keep their immune system strong?

#4 Best Exercises for Strong Immune System

#5 How to be More Resilient – what is resilience and why does it matter?

#6 Examples of “Moderate Intensity” Exercise

#7 How to stay hopeful during these trying times (and why hope matters to your health!)

#8 Tips for staying accountable when your accountability systems are no longer possible.

#9 How Chronic Stress Depletes Key Nutrients

#10 Spices that Boost Immunity, Reduce Stress Improve Sleep and so on. There are many wonderful spice companies and this is a great way to also share recipes, partner with a spice brand, and offer value. 

Content Marketing Brainstorming & Planning Tools

Finally, I have been working diligently on creating a downloadable packet of tools that you can use to brainstorm, plan, and optimize your content. Look for the release announcement in the next few weeks. 

 Visit the BLOG to read more PHC Content Fuel –

 Prewritten Content for Primal Health Coaches

I’ve been writing content for other business owners and markets for more than a decade and many of those clients were in the PLR market. PLR, if you’re not familiar with it, is content that is prewritten and sold to more than one person. You buy the content and the rights to do what you want with the content (with exceptions like you can’t resell that content).
PLR can be a useful part of your content plan because you can modify it to your voice and needs. For example, you might take a 10 page report and create 20 short posts from it. You could also purchase 5 prewritten articles and reformat them into a quick report. Add your voice, your stories, and emphasize what’s important to your readers and it can be a savvy way to provide valuable content while also not requiring you to spend hours at the computer yourself. You can focus more on coaching. 
I’ve added a PLR resource page on my website for two reasons:
1. Coaches have expressed interest in buying prewritten content.
2. I’m familiar with the content resources that I’ve shared on my website. I know these people and have worked with them in the past. The PLR is good quality, however you’ll still want to personalize it for your own audience and needs. If you need help repurposing PLR, reach out and let’s talk. 
If you need help, have a question, or just want to say “Hi” you can reach me at: Contact Annette or you can visit me on Facebook where I share more Primal Health Coaching content marketing tips and ideas @primalcoachingcontent  or – click this link