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If you want to grow your coaching business and have more clients, your ideal clients, it’s important to get your content in front of as many people as possible. You can publish content yourself on your blog or website and drive traffic through search engine optimization. In this post, we’re going to look at specific ways to extend your reach and maximize each distribution channel to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

Reader Sharing

The best distribution you can get is from your own readers. This is what happens when a piece of content goes viral. Readers share it with other readers, who share it with their connections and it spreads like wildfire. 

In addition to producing stellar content, another way you can get your readers to share is to encourage them to share. You can simply ask them to share and make it easy to do. Include a call to action telling the reader that if they like it, they can share it. Add social sharing buttons so that your readers can share easily with just one click. Another option is to offer some small incentive for sharing.

Create a Tight Social Media Community

I really feel like there’s tremendous power for health coaches on social media. It’s a role that thrives with support and community. You can lay the groundwork for wider distribution by building a good, strong community around your content on social media. Try to create a group that’s based around the topic or type of content you offer. If you have a tight community like this, when you publish new content, your group members will share it with others.

Use Social Media as a Broadcast Tool

You can post content directly on social media, but not every social media site is suitable for doing this. Another strategy is to use social media as a broadcast tool. This is what many people do with Twitter.  You can use Twitter to tell people about your latest post, article or video published elsewhere, and provide them a link. Tell them why they should click the link and consume your content. Emphasize the benefits to the reader. You can do this on any social media site, not just Twitter.

Good Keyword Practices

Find good keywords that are relevant and popular and being used by your target audience, then use them wherever possible. It’s always good to use keywords in your content itself, but there are many other places they can help as well, such as in bios, profiles, image descriptions and business listings. Use keywords anywhere that search engines might find your content, such as social profiles, video sites, slideshare sites, infographic sharing sites, blogs, guest blogs, ezines, pdfs published online, etc.

Go Mobile

Make sure that all of your content functions on mobile devices. There’s a good chance that a great deal of your audience will access your content via a mobile device. If your content doesn’t work on their mobiles, they will click away. Mobile users have notoriously short attention spans. If a site doesn’t load quickly or properly, they rarely give it a second thought. If you make your site mobile friendly, you’ll be able to tap into the audience that doesn’t use PCs. Mobile devices also make it easy to share content on social media.

Be a Reader and Reciprocate 

Read, follow, subscribe, and comment on the content of others. This has many different benefits and one of them is that you’ll potentially get your content in front of more people. First, when you actively consume other people’s content, this gives you ideas on what to write and how to set yourself apart. You’ll gain an understanding of what audiences like yours like.

But more importantly, if you follow other bloggers and content creators, they’ll be more likely to follow you. This is the reciprocal rule and it works well in blogging, social media and video sites. If other content creators follow you, there’s more of a chance that they’ll share your content with their readers or that their readers will happen to see that they follow you.

By actively commenting on other creators’ content and leaving comments that are valuable to readers, you’ll get exposure. If someone finds your comments interesting and valuable, they’ll check out your website to see what else you have to offer. Keep in mind that these comments should be non-promotional in nature. Your goal should always be to offer value. 

Write for Others – Forge Partnerships!

Take advantage of any opportunity you can find to write for others. Try to get published on websites, blogs, social media feeds, and email newsletters other than your own. This works by expanding your audience.

Guest blogging is a highly effective way to do this. It means writing a post for someone else’s blog. The other bloggers readers see your article and are then likely to check out your blog. You’ll get a bio box at the top or bottom of your post with a link back to your blog. To do this, start looking for blogs that have a similar audience as yours (or an audience you want for yours) and that also accept guest submissions. You can also contact blog owners out of the blue with a pitch for a blog post. 

With email newsletters, you can trade, writing one piece of content for another person’s email newsletter and accepting a piece of content for yours from them. This strategy works for blogs and other content distribution channels, too. The key is to give the other person a really good piece of content. Remember that this is likely to be their audience’s first impression of you, so it needs to count.

Connect with Influencers

Take advantage of opportunities to connect yourself with big names in your field. This can be an expert, a celebrity, or anyone else that has a strong following. Options here include doing a joint project together or asking for an endorsement from the big name, once you’ve gotten to know them a bit.

One relatively easy way to expose yourself to a person’s following is to ask them for an interview. Interview them and turn it into a piece of content that you can use. When you publish the interview, be sure to link back to the person’s site. This creates for you a valuable piece of content, but it also gains you exposure because the big name will mention the interview to their audience. 

Even if you don’t capitalize directly on connecting with a big name, there are many advantages you can get from simply networking with people who have strong followings in your field.

Use Content Distribution Tools

There are many tools designed to help you with content distribution. These tools make it easy to distribute your content and enable you to broaden the audience that sees that content.  Here are just a few popular content distribution tool options.

  • Edgar – Edgar allows you to create an automated schedule for posting on social media.
  • WiseStamp – WiseStamp puts a slick, professional-looking signature on all of your emails that includes a link to your content. 
  • MailChimp – MailChimp is an automated email marketing program that allows you to share your content via email to subscribers.
  • SumoMe – SumoMe is a suite of tools designed for driving more traffic to your site. Features include subscription scroll boxes, sign-up bars, list popups, heat maps, incentive programs and more. 
  • PR Newswire – PR Newswire is a comprehensive program with many features that helps you produce and distribute content, and track analytics.
  • BuzzStream – BuzzStream has many features that help with building links back to your website for search traffic.
  • Buffer – Buffer allows you to set a schedule for posting your content across multiple social media platforms. It also suggests optimal times for sharing based on analytics.

On all of the major social media sites, there are also paid advertising options. Facebook has Sponsored Posts and Twitter offers Promoted Tweets. By paying a fee, you can boost the audience for your social media content. Paid promotions on social is a tactic that can work, however it’s generally best reserved for launches, special promotions, and building your email list. 

Generally speaking, you’ll get more bang for your content buck if you focus on deliberately creating value driven content that is written specifically for your ideal coaching client. 

If you want help getting started with content planning, topic brainstorming, or you’re looking for someone to write (or polish) your existing content, give me a call. I’d love to help! You can schedule a free consultation HERE. Or send me a quick email at annette @ renegadenurse . com.

To your success!