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How’s your week going? If you’re anything like me you’re fluctuating between wanting to do absolutely nothing (not even really having the brain capacity to do something) and wanting to be productive and take advantage of this time home and the opportunity to help others. Personally, I’m making a “realistic” list of things to do each day and forgiving myself if I don’t get through the list. Generally speaking, if I write it down, it gets done but these are weird times. 

 That being said, you probably do have enough time on your hands and enough mental energy to write an article/post/page a day and that may be enough of a goal to get you to where you want to be. 

Before we dive into content ideas I want to talk about types of content that can be useful to your audience and to you right now:

 Lists – let’s keep content simple right now. Consider providing your readers with bulleted or numbered lists of things that they can do to improve their lives. 

 Curated content – your content doesn’t need to be original. Find content online and share it with your readers. For example, you might share a list of the best podcasts to listen to right now to reduce stress. You can then share podcast links and reviews from other blogs. Make sure to always cite your sources!

 Video – if you like to create video content, consider sharing a daily short video tip. Most folks are online as they work from home or are quarantined and connecting with your audience face to face can be a good way to build a relationship and provide value.

 Storytelling – how are you coping? What are you doing personally to get through this difficult time? What are your clients doing? Tell stories and connect on a human level with your audience. 

 These are strange times and I think it’s beneficial to everyone to remember that we’re all in this together and to do what we can to help out in the most beneficial way possible. For you as a Primal Health Coach, that means sharing information in an authentic way. 

 So what to write/talk about this week! Content ideas:

 Recipes and Home Cooking How Tos! 

 I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the pasta shelves at the supermarket are empty. Everyone’s living on spaghetti and hot dogs right now. UGH! It’s the perfect time to help people learn to cook simple and healthy meals at home. Video tutorials may work for your audience. If not, consider sharing (or curating) simple recipes that you know your audience can make. 

 Simple Self Care Tips

Share with your readers simple things that they can do to navigate these trying times. It might be anything from learning to meditate to yoga moves they can do without an instructor to a walk in their neighborhood every day. Talk about how and why it’s important now more than ever to take good care of your mental and emotional health and to monitor your stress response.


 I have come across some amazing content this week that’s really helped me. I’m a home care nurse and have been dealing with additional stress as I try to take care of my patients. Brene Brown has a new podcast that I thought was super helpful. There have been Buzzfeed lists of funny TV shows like Derry Girls (so funny) that have helped me. I’ve also enjoyed the different body weight workout lists. And of course mental health reminders. Whether you share mental health resources, exercise resources, or even recipe or healthy shopping resources, your audience needs your expertise and guidance! 

 If you decide to deviate from the basic “how to get through this pandemic” type content that’s fine too. You know your audience and what they want and need right now. Other topics to consider:


  • Sleep
  • Spring cleaning (maybe talk about toxin free cleaning products)
  • Intermittent Fasting – I feel like this eating approach would be super helpful to most people right now because we’re all home and the refrigerator is mere steps away. I suspect most folks are stress eating and eating too much too often. 


I hope you have a calm and productive week and if you need any help, please reach out.