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Hi there! I am starting a new weekly post and I’m super excited about it. Each week, ideally on Sunday, I will publish a handful of content ideas for your Primal Health Coaching business. For some, I may go into detail about potential target audience and maybe some ideas on different ways you can spin the ideas. For others, they may be specific enough that I simply share the idea.

Keep in mind that I have 15+ years writing content and helping business owners plan and research their content marketing ideas so hopefully, this is a valuable tool for you. I’ll also share them on Facebook so if you want to receive the ideas make sure you follow me @primalcoachingcontent.  So let’s get going on those content ideas for the week!

 #1 Coronavirus – duh. 

 Okay, so part of me hates to add to the media melee that’s going on around this virus. However, the other part of me knows that people are scared and they have real concerns. There is really something for every audience here.

You might talk about anything from the importance of sleep and your immune system to talking about what to do if someone you love catches the virus. If you market to moms then they want to know how to protect themselves and their kids, if you market to middle age men, then they may want to know how to change their daily routine to strengthen their immune system.

You could talk about whether keto or intermittent fasting affects immunity and if so, how. You get the picture. You can get super deep into the science of the virus and how it affects the respiratory system or you can swing the other way and offer simple tips and steps.

The point is that this topic is hot and everyone is concerned about their health. You’re a health coach and you have an opportunity to provide topical value in your content this week.

 #2 Olive Oil & Heart Health

There’s a new heart study out on the benefits of olive oil. Let’s face it, people are still really confused about oils. As a PHC you know that most of the oils your client’s consume are garbage oils. They’re toxic and they’re one of the leading problems contributing to chronic disease around the world.

Here’s an opportunity to talk about a recent study and lead into more education about healthy oils and how to use them. Here’s the media link/info to the study.

 With this one you can do anything from a tips article, for example 10 tips on how to consume more olive oils. You could do a “How to” article like how to switch from canola to olive oil. Or you can break down the science of oils and talk about why olive oil can be a good choice. 

 #3 Brain Health & Physical Activity

 Researchers at Columbia University recently released a study about the importance of physical movement for brain health. Now, this is a topic that is always near and dear to me (my mother passed away at a young age from dementia). However, it can be important information for most audiences, it simply depends on how you frame it and the emotions you tap into.

Young adults may want better focus and more energy (hell, we all do), but older adults may be more concerned about brain health so they can enjoy time with their loved ones and grandchildren. Think about the emotions your audience has as it relates to their brain and write your article to tap into those feelings. You’re offering solutions and ideas! And movement is a core component for the Primal Lifestyle.

Here’s a good starting point for your initial research

 Hope these three ideas are a great starting off point for you this week! If you want any help planning, researching, or writing your content then let’s connect. You can call me at 303-834-7670, email me at or schedule a free consultation