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 One of the best ways to stay ahead of your content marketing is to create a backlog of content and content ideas. This system supports you to always have something to write or talk about. You’re able to consistently provide content to your growing audience. Here are 20 creative ways to create a steady stream of content. 

1. Keep track of the top questions your target market asks about yourcompany. Think about different ways you could answer them.

2. What have your customers needed help with in the past? Create content that answers their questions.

3. Do you have any events scheduled? Plan to take some photos or videos to create visual content and show a different side to your business.

4. What are the benefits of your product or service? Create content in different media formats to reinforce those benefits.

5. Who are the big players in your industry? Create content using quotes from people your customer will recognize.

6. What makes you different from your competition? Try a new format for showing people the differences, such as video.

7. What have your readers liked most in the past? Give it to them… and more.

8. How can you relate to your customer on an emotional level? What has evoked emotional reactions in the past? Try to encourage emotional reactions to your content.

9. What’s stopping your ideal customer from using your product or service? Create content that addresses those objections.

10. What is there about your business that can be a little confusing? Create a step-by-step article or infographic to makes things a little clearer.

11. Which companies does your customer look up to? Try to incorporate some of their strengths into your content creation.

12. Which content formats do you currently utilize? Branch out further and try something different to see what kind of response you get.

13. What does your customer want to say? Give them a chance to give you feedback and incorporate what they suggest into your content to engage them even further.

14. What is your target market doing? Do a little research to find out where they go online and what they’re doing… then publish content there as well.

15. What’s your story? Incorporate highlights of the story of your business into your content to encourage and inspire people.

16. Does your customer really know all the things your product or service is/does? Create an instructional video to engage and explain.

17. What mistakes have your customers made in the past? Show them your processes to avoid them in the future.

18. What type of content catches your own eye? Consider its strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of your customer.

19. How can you repurpose? Take a top piece of your content and turn it into several other formats to make it more accessible across different platforms.

20. What does your customer actually want? Your biggest content creation tool is your ability to put yourself in their shoes.

Moving Forward

As you move forward and begin your content planning and creating your strategy, make sure each piece of content has a plan. Decide how you’re going to use the content now, and what you can do with the content in the future. If you want help getting started with content planning, topic brainstorming, or you’re looking for someone to write (or polish) your existing content, give me a call. I’d love to help! You can schedule a free consultation HERE. Or send me a quick email at annette @ renegadenurse . com.

To your success!